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Hello!  Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Christy-Ann and I am an interface and user experience designer. I have created my own creative brand called UIUX Ninja

My favourite projects

Energade Ready

We use applications on our mobile devices every day helping us achieve specific tasks like cycling. For our brief, we have to design a Hybrid cycling application. This Cycling application should focus on a primary area of cycling like road or mountain bike cycling. I chose mountain bike cycling because through my research I discovered there are not a lot of mountain bike applications. I decided to design a mountain bike hybrid application for the brand Energade, focused on the improvement of performance in an endurance race by integrating Energade nutritional plan before, during, and after a race. This Integration is primarily focused on improving cyclist performance in endurance racing by consuming specific Energade products at certain times in the race. This application should be designed to be different from its competitors. The application must include Hybrid components and capabilities of the device like                                                     
• Camera
• Google maps
• Authentication
Hybrid components and capabilities are used to show technical aspects of the brief. The application should have training aspects like an indoor component specifically designed for professional mountain bike cyclists who take part in endurance events. 

User can sign up to app ( if never used application before) or login (login is there to protect al valuable information on phone). Authentication through Finger touch lock (easier) or through use of input fields It would be easier to Authenticate when you can use the Finger touch ID instead of input field when you are on your bike. If the user is new to the application they will have to input some information about them self or sync information from their health app. The information will be used to build a record of all the foods user can eat their tolerance and if they are allergic for anything. App will use this information to set up a personalised meal plan and training program for this specific users preferences.

When user is done with the sign up or login poses they will be guided to the calendar where they can see different endurance races in their area. They can save a endurance race on their calendar. Because the application is hybrid it will be saved on the phones actual calendar. The application software will calculate the training program and nutritional meal for the user to compete at their optimum in this race saved.
Features list on the application

Indoor training can be done with or without VR glasses. The VR glasses give the user a immersive experience where they feel that they are really in the forest riding bike. If the user does not have VR glass they can only switch the mode to normal. In the indoor training feature you can select a specific trail route video. Specifications toward what settings you have to change your indoor bike to is given under the video.

Outdoor training is similar to the endurance race map. You can choose a map of recent trails or new trails. If the user picked recent trails (they have ride on that trail before) they can choose to use a ghost mode option on their training trail route. This will help the user understand their performance now compared when they last ride this route.
Social platform
Is a platform where all the cyclist can communicate with one other. They can share their stories and trail route they have done. They can recommend and dislike trail route they have done. As professional cyclist that want to improve their performances in endurance races they can help on other with advice and share meal plans they feel worked best for them.

Performance tracker
Profile screen is where the user can see their performance compared to the previous week.
They can determine their improvement, through the lower or increase of heartbeats per second and performance time.
Mountain bike sport has lots of ups and downs but it stays a fun adventure. Thus I wanted to to showcase my concept as a an Adventist spirit that’s not afraid of danger or little rough terrain. Even when the user is not mountain biking when they use the application they would still experience the nature and adventure of mountain biking through the visual design by those who loves the outdoors and nature. The concept is showcased in the visual design style.

Application focused on improvement of performance in a endurance race. Application is integrated with Energade brand helping professionals to reach their goal. Application is specifically designed for professional mountain bike cyclists who take part in endurance events. Specifically designed to improve training and performance of the user through a series of workout and meal plans. During the race cyclists received notification to consume Energade products to keep sugar and endurance levels to compete optimally it was important to indicate on the app store description that this app has a high focus on professionals rather than casual cyclists before users download this app.

“Energade ready” The name of the application is developed through the idea that if you consume a Energade product you would be ready for any challenge, in this case, an endurance event competition. Rough textured background showing the rocky terrain adds to the visual concept of adventure.