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Hello!  Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Christy-Ann and I am an interface and user experience designer. I have created my own creative brand called UIUX Ninja

My favourite projects

"Get your engines running"

This project entails the exploration of developing a gamification site on a responsive web base platform in the effort to make a grudge task more engaging and interactive to the user. The grudge task selected for this project is , “buying a vehicle”, specifically focused on the aspect of searching for the perfect vehicle. Did not want to focus on one vehicle brand but rather multiple brands like how “car find” or “gum tree car find”. Multi platform website called “ Get your engines running” this name relates to a humorous way of relating to vehicles and love, specifically focused on helping you find the perfect matched vehicle like finding the perfect date.

My concept initiated from the idea that people tend to spend a lot of time in their vehicles and over time people tend to form a relationship with their vehicle. When in a relationship with someone you tend go on dates. A relating metaphor of a dating website is where you are trying to find the right partner on a dating site, why not apply the same method when searching for that perfect vehicle.   

This site would guide the user on a journey on to find the perfect vehicle to buy. The user would go through 3 stages Before/During/After when buying a vehicle. These stages are performed on different responsive platforms before (desktop)/during (mobile)/after (tablet). The first one before stage is mainly focused on the aspect of finding a suitable vehicle. Second stage testing and buying perfect vehicle. Third stage maintaining the perfect vehicle.

Get your engines running is an aiding tool to help users find the right vehicle to purchase. Not all people know what vehicle they might like. Searching for the perfect vehicle is a lot like dating. This site will help you find your perfect matched vehicle according to your needs. User would have to sign up with their personal details like contact info, billing info and income. This is done to insure that the vehicles chosen will the user be able to afford. This questions is asked in a fun and engaging way not making user feel that questions are intimidating. Its generalized questions specifically asked to understand certain aspect of users’ needs and lifestyle. This Multi-platform tool also factors in your preferences for the future as well as your thoughts on the importance of fuel efficiency. In the end, the quiz suggests suitable vehicles in the swiping features page that match the user’s lifestyle and also explains the result. Choosing a new vehicle couldn’t be easier. When you are interested in a car you can swipe right (click right on desktop). 

You match with ​ car a certain percentage. You can view the cars details and decide to book a test drive. They copy writing in the site is inspired by a dating metaphor. This can be seen by the naming of things for instants booking a test drive are communicated to be a date. Relationship meters on the sides improve when you go on more “dates “ test dives with this specific car.

When the user test drove the vehicle they booked a test-drive with they will be awarded points. This points are given as a motivation (user gets rewarded) to go on more test drives with a different or same car so that the user can be sure if she/he likes the vehicle or not. With these points gained by going on test drives users can improve the match between them and their beloved car by adding special features that improve elements like safety, fuel efficiently, etc. (which is important to the user). After every test drive will the user would have to fill out a feedback report that the website software will use to improve the search rate and will understand the user’s preference better. When the user finally decided on a vehicle they can proceed by buying the car. To metaphorically show the serious commitment user would have to sign a contract of courtship promising that he or she will always take the car for regular services and will look after their vehicle.

This is seen as the counselling phase where the vehicle has to book in for service and repair or simply need spares. User information and details are already on site when he/she logins. So the site knows the model vehicle the user bought so customized car part will be shown on the site.