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Hello!  Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Christy-Ann and I am an interface and user experience designer. I have created my own creative brand called UIUX Ninja

My favourite projects


Working in a team of two we have to design and develop a digital campaign for Open Window to increase engagement of prospective students. Leveraging off existing style guide of recent campaigns done at Open Window .We had to form a conceptual approach to communicate a “Big idea” for a in store activation through using online component like a app as well online media. Master logos and KPIs (key performance indicators) is given to used during the design phase. KPIs we were given is:

Increase in percentage of online users converting to registration as compared to 2018
Increase in percentage of registration over duration of campaign.

We have to design and develop a campaign that will answer to all these KPIs given. To encourage students to take part in our campaign will a competition be run for a 3 year fully paid bursary. A pre campaign will be launched to make students aware of the campaign details. Online and social media banners will be used to advertise the in store activation and application. During the campaign will the competition be run where students can participate in order to win a bursary. After campaign advertisement will also be showcase In Order to understand Open Window as a brand we had to conduct user interviews with current and undergraduate students of Open Window asking them how they experience Open Window and why they decided to go to Open Window instead of other campus or universities. This gave us a good insight towards what concept and idea we can build the campaign around. Our campaigns name is #wordofmouth a name we chosen that described or concept and big idea the best.             

Insights gained from interviews
Throughout the interviews we could see that a lot of student got to know about Open Window through friends and family or past students that recommended or told them about Open Window. The typical word of mouth concept. They also mentioned they felt that they could trust these friends and families more than a random advertisement they saw on a billboard. And because they heard all these good things about Open Window they decided to go to the Open day and find more information about the place. Graduates and undergraduates and current students see OW as a place with a fresh way of thinking and they feel like they are a part of something bigger. Some of the participants even mentioned that Open Window helped them build their confidence and they learned how to grow as individual creative in their industry. Students enjoy the one on one time they get with the lectures where this won’t be possible in a large university. Billboards and online are the most prominent adverts seen of Open Window.

We used these insights as inspiration for our campaign .We noticed that the most student we interviewed came to know of Open Window through word of mouth. We decided that this would be our concept. Through word of mouth we will communicate the big idea. Big idea being all the positive things about Open Window, achievements, how other students experience OW.

Concept generation
Throughout our interview process we concluded that a lot of pass and current students heard about Open Window through a friend or someone they know. They hardly know about Open Window or seen a advert before someone told them about Open Window. Leading us to the concept of word of mouth. You are more likely to believe and trust someone's opinion about a place before you trust or believe an advert. We want our concept #wordofmouth to communicate a big idea that Open Window is the best place to be.

Concept: Word of mouth
Big idea: That Open Window is a place where potential students can reach their full potential as a individual creative.

Pre campaign (before compain)
Make the user notice the campaign idea before the big campaign begins. We want to make users aware of the campaign before if begins. We decided to place online media advertising banners on Takealot, Amozon, Instagram. Reason we took these platforms as a medium to advertise is that through our interviews we asked the students on what platforms they spend the most of their time and they answered these platforms. We also decided that this would be the best place to advertise especially the online shops where students might go online to get supplies for next year.

In Store activation
In Store activation installation is setup in malls all around Centurion, Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Combining our concept of “word of mouth” towards our in store activation where Open Window will set up a instillation of colourful speaking tubes and interactive boards. One board will showcase the live feed of all the previous teams of students that participated in the campaign (done to intrigue people to participate). Other board has a barcode with instructions on it so that the user can scan it to download the app (prompt them to download and participate in competition). When the app is downloaded, the user will login and setup a team. Once a team is set can they complete the next step into playing the pipe game on the big screen as a team. This pipe game will unlock a voice note that will be played through the tubes when the team is al set in place in front of the tubes. Countdown timer will give each team member the change to get into position before the voice note begins to play. Each team member is positioned in front a speaking tube and listening tube. They will hear the message from one of their teammates from the listening tube and repeat the message they heard through the speaking tube, alike the game broken telephone. The more participants compete in this game the more credits will each participant receive. When the last Participant heard the message will the group be tasked to repeat the message on one of the participants phone a geofilter will unlock when they video record the message on phone. This video will be sent to each participant in team so that they can individually upload the video to their social media with hash tag #word of mouth to receive more points that will improve the participants changes to win the bursary.
Winning the competition
This competition is all about earning the most points. Students have the best chances to win the competition if they have a lot of points. Points are earned through completing in store activation as team or your on own. The first challenge after you download you app is one of the most important challenges where students receive points for taking a filter video of themselves repeating the message they heard while also nominating someone else to complete the challenge. The message said will be correspond with the original voice note through using voice analytic software. This will see how close did the student come into repeating the message correctly and give the points accordingly. Video with filter has to be shared on social media platform of students chose. Every social media platform they share video on with the hash tag #word of mouth will the receive points. This relates back to our KPI’s. This interaction will increase social media engagement and awareness of the brand.
In the in store activation you will receive more points if you participate in teams. Improving the chances of winning. After the challenge one is completed, the weekly challenges will be presented to keep the student engaged. Student will have to watch a weekly video of Open Window and answer a question about the video supplied each week. For every correct answer, they will receive points.

Online component
We decide to choose an application to be our online component because of its mobility, portability when users use the in store activation. It is a component that stays on users phone where the user can receive notifications or reminders of the app making user constantly aware on a daily basis of Open Window. Mobile application seemed to be the best option because we wanted the user to login and with ease and complete all the challenges weekly. Website might be difficult proses if a student doesn't have data. The application is a helping guide that guides the user through the whole process similar to the OW registration process.

The user will download app in store or when they see it on advertisement. When they open the app they will be greeted by a chatbot called Buddy (Inspired to open window buddy system). Buddy will explain the competition and challenges that has to complete. Student will be asked if they want to complete in competition in teams or on their own. If they choose team will see the nearest in store activation or if they what to complete the competition on their own they can begin the challenge.
When the first challenge is completed, individually or per team, they will receive an notification requesting should they want to continue with the competition. For a “Yes” they would have to complete the registration in order to unlock the rest of the challenges to stand a chance to win the competition. The registration process is easy and is done with the chatbot so that it feels like a conversation rather than a forced registration process with a lot of input fields. If user registers on app they would not have to pay the registration fee of R750. When registration is completed will the weekly challenges unlock. Here user will play the pipe game weekly to unlock a video they have to watch and answer a question about. The video contains information of Open Window and its schools and talks of past students experiences.

Challenges on the online component, which the user has to complete in order to gain more credits to stand a chance to win the bursary. These points are allocated to the prospective students participation in teams and challenges. The accuracy of how well they can communicate the message back on filter and how many times they share video with #wordofmouth on social media.

How would these challenges work?

Challenge 1 on your own:
Register yourself
  • Once you are done registering you go to challenge one and play the pipe game to unlock your voice note.
  • This is the same as the in store activation just all on your phone. Listen to the voice note,
  • you can only do so once. Choose one of the standard filters.
  • Record yourself saying the phrase that you just heard and nominate someone to take part in the WordOfMouth campaign.
  • Post your response online to receive your points.Points are determined by how accurate you remember the phrase.

Challenge 1 with a team in store:
  • Register yourself.
  • Sign up your team
  • Once your team has signed up you then go to the large touchscreen to unlock your voice note.
  • You unlock the voice note by playing the pipe game and trying to get the voice out at the other end of the pipe. If you win the game you then complete challenge one
  • Get your team in position
  • Once everyone is in position the voice note will start playing
  • At the end of the broken telephone game the team then go to the screen and start recording their response with the unlocked geofilters
  • In the video the team repeats what the last person heard
  • After the recording the video is sent to their individual phones and they share it from there. - They receive credits when sharing the video
  • To unlock challenge 2 - 8 the user will need to register to Open Window in order to further participate in the competition to win the bursary.

Challenge 2 - 8:
  • The first step of each challenge is for the users to unlock the video by playing the pipe game, the longer they take to unlock the video the less points they will get
  • They watch the small video of open window
  • They can then answer all three the questions to do with the video, it will cost them points to use hints
  • After campaign
  • Media banners are shown after the campaign to conclude the campaign. The advertisements will show the prize-winner and remind the students to register for 2019.